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iGaming Customer Experience Summit 2024: 18th - 19th April 2024 - Geneva, Switzerland

iGaming Customer Experience Summit 2024: 18th - 19th April 2024 - Geneva, Switzerland

The iGaming Customer Experience Summit, where innovation takes center stage to capture and retain the next generation of players. When: 18th - 19th April 2024

Where: Hotel President Wilson Geneva, Switzerland

Sector: Operator

Attendees: TBC

Organiser: Worldwide Business Research

This exclusive event provides a rare opportunity to benchmark your strategies and capabilities for positive player acquisition and retention alongside pioneering iGaming operators. Engage with a diverse array of Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) and marketing leaders from leading iGaming operators who generously share their practical insights, including:

  • Unlocking Omnichannel Success: Explore strategies for harnessing player data to craft personalized marketing campaigns across multiple channels, captivating and retaining your gaming enthusiasts.

  • Mastering Traffic Acquisition Costs: Strategically allocate marketing budgets to maximize ROI in a landscape of constant new game releases.

  • Elevating Segmentation with AI & ML: Implement artificial intelligence and machine learning to uncover player insights and deliver personalized marketing campaigns at scale.

  • Cracking the Player Retention Code: Implement a central data platform to track player journeys, identify gaps, and enhance player retention.

  • Transforming Responsible Gambling: Safeguard players with a digital strategy utilizing behavioral insights to provide a safer gaming experience.

At our summit, you'll connect with more leaders from top companies than ever before, gaining valuable insights into the strategies employed by leading online gaming operators to transform your digital customer engagement.

Experience engaging and immersive sessions, ranging from panels and presentations to small working groups and workshops, offering ample opportunities to have your most pressing questions answered by industry experts.

Our agenda is meticulously crafted based on 50+ research interviews with industry experts, ensuring it aligns perfectly with the needs of the online gaming community.

This event was designed by the online gaming community, for the online gaming community. Join us and elevate your iGaming customer experience to new heights.


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