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Indian Gaming Tradeshow & Convention 2024: 8th - 11th April 2024 - Anaheim, California

Indian Gaming Tradeshow & Convention 2024: 8th - 11th April 2024 - Anaheim, California

Celebrating its 37th year, the Indian Gaming Tradeshow & Convention stands tall as the paramount event for the Indian Gaming Industry, symbolizing the pulsating core of Native American achievement.

When: 8th - 11th April 2024

Where: Anaheim, California, USA

Sector: Supplier / Operator

Attendees: TBC

Organiser: Clarion Events

This event unites the largest assembly of tribal leaders and casino executives in the nation, serving as a nexus where the community congregates to learn, forge connections, and exchange industry-specific insights. More than a mere gathering, it is a cultural fiesta celebrating triumph, resilience, and self-sufficiency.

The comprehensive 8-track conference draws thought leaders from diverse corners, fostering networking opportunities and addressing crucial industry issues. The discussions are meticulously curated, tailored to meet the pressing needs of the industry each year.

The Indian Gaming Expo & Symposium serves as the epicenter where tribal and commercial gaming seamlessly interweave, engaging in business transactions, learning, and networking. The expansive exhibit hall hosts 300+ companies, showcasing information, products, and services spanning Indian Gaming, iGaming, Culture and Art, Hospitality, Sports Betting, and much more.

This event, unparalleled in its magnitude, ensures a focus on relationship building. From the exhilarating annual golf tournament to the chairman's welcome reception, daily conference sessions, and beyond, attendees depart with a treasure trove of new business connections and opportunities.


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